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Company Secretary Club aka CSClub is a community created exclusively for Company Secretary students and members of the profession. As we all know CS is an emerging and much-in-demand course these days. With growing emphasis on corporate governance and integrity, Company Secretaries as professionals are carving a niche for themselves. Furthermore, a Company Secretary is not only restricted to companies or corporate. With each passing day, the profession is getting recognition across various realms- GST, Insolvency, NCLT, Local Governance etc. There is no better time to be a CS than now!

CSClub aspires to create a robust community of upcoming and existing CS professionals, providing a platform for discussions, deliberations, information and networking.

Ask questions related to Company Secretaryship- exams, results, subjects, work opportunities, everything you want to know about CS; create healthy discussions and deliberations on the course and the profession. We want CSClub to be your go-to place for all information relating to CS!

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I CA SHALU have recently qualified in Jan 2018 exams.Presently looking for a job.

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